As a young human, some of Nuno's favorite hobbies were nibbling on his father's broken acoustic guitar and recording loops on a small casio keyboard before doing a handstand in his parents bed! However, it was only at the age of 14 that he discovered his passion for music, when he starts to take classical and electric guitar lessons.

In the early 90's, his first music explorations led him to the underground and sub-genres of heavy metal. With his friends he creates his first band, Serpent Lore, with whom he makes his first compositions and live performances. In 1998 they record a demo-tape and perform live several times in the north of Portugal. The late 90's see a broadening of musical influences such as prog rock, classical and world music which make him decide to expand his musical knowledge and start taking classic piano and music theory lessons at Porto Jazz School.

In 1999-2003 he joins the world music project Mandragora where he plays percussion and 12-string folk guitar, recording an E.P. “Aranganho” and actively participating in the composition of the band’s first album “Mandrágora”. During this time he performed live in many occasions, with the highlight being the EuroFolk 2002 in Parthenay, France.


In 2000-2003 he attends the Production and Music Technologies course at ESMAE where he acquires knowledge in the field of music production.

Parallel to interest in playing and composing music, in 2005 he decides to study computer science, completing a masters degree in 2011. Having developed an interest for audio signal processing, he worked in audio research for the following couple of years.

In 2007, together with José Correia, he creates the project Elementos, dedicated to exploring the fusion between music and spoken poetry. In 2008-2010 he returns to the project Mandrágora, this time playing greek bouzouki and hammered dulcimer.


Being a multi-instrumentalist by nature, by this time he had come across instruments such as the persian santur, oud, saz, among others, which he adopted into his own musicality. However, the growing interest in these instruments ignites yet another one: their place of origin and their traditional music. As a consequence, in 2009 he starts studying these instruments and their traditional repertoire.

At first Nuno studied with David Lacerda, with whom he learned the basics of modal music, ornamentation and several classical pieces. Then he continued his studies by attending several short workshops with Efren Lopez and Ross Daly, gathering online material and also by having online skype lessons, the most relevant of them being with Nizar Rohana (oud) and Sepher Rafiiean (persian santur).


In 2012 Elementos' sound is redefined giving birth to Adducantur. They record and release debut E.P. "Semente". He tours extensively in Portugal with medieval animation act Troubadouros.

From 2012 on Nuno joins several world music proojects such as Intia Mundon Trio, Dorahoag, Aldebaran, etc, with whom he records and tours in Portugal. In 2014 the production of "Mosaico", Adducanturs' debut CD begins, a journey that would take 2 years to complete.

In 2015, together with Ferrer Leandro, he creates Zambra Del Moro, an arabic flamenco fusion project. After a busy summer season this year, Nuno decides to prioritize music in his life in a more serious way. This reflects in having less parallel time-consuming compromises. The production of his debut CD "Espiral" starts then, with the desire to cristalize several years of musical experience. "Espiral" is released in March 2017 and is currently being promoted.

To the present day, Nuno works as a professional musician with several freelance activities, focusing his musicality in modal music, studying and performing with several projects.

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Telephone: (+351) 939 949 593

Rua de Cedofeita 170, Loja 11,
4050-173 Porto,

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