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"Veer" is the new album that Ricardo de Noronha and Griselda Sanderson recorded in early 2017. Ricardo I know from old times and Griselda I had the pleasure to meet earlier this year in Porto.

I had the pleasure to compose an arrangement for one of Griselda's songs, "Kairos", on my hammered dulcimer. I really enjoy the mediterranean feeling of the melodies so it was quite natural for me to play them!

Even though we only had a few hours to record the five santur tracks on Dorahoag's "Silk Road" CD, I guess the results were pretty good.

One of my favorite tunes, here's Istanblue, the opening track of this album.

Back in the start of this decade, around 2010, there were very good jamming vibes in Porto! I used to hang out with the guys from this project, Capagrilos, my good friends, and we hit some nice melodies once in a while, in our jam sessions!

"Equinócio", which was recorded and released in they debut album, was composed in such a jamming manner!

This was just one of those occasions when music leads the way and there's nothing else to be done but to go along with it! I met Adam Gallina and Thea Soti at a folk festival in 2011, we got into a very cool group jam, and decided that we should record something! Some days later we were in the studio with nothing planned and we just went at it! A lot of material came out, "Dream" is a segment that the three of us identified with.

Very nice ambient dreamy song, I think persian santur works very well with hang drum! Check it out!

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