Nuno Silva - "Espiral" CD 2017

"East meets west, from Portugal to the world"

"ESPIRAL" is the debut album of Nuno Silva, an established musician from Porto, Portugal.

The production of "Espiral" picks up where the work of projects like Aldebaran and Adducantur was left. Having a set of original compositions, written in 2013-2015, and a clear motivation to carve their arrangement and produce them as a whole, Nuno's work on "Espiral" starts in the spring of 2016. With the collaboration of dear friends and musicians Ricardo de Noronha, José Correia and David Lacerda, "Espiral" sees the light of day in March 2017.

"Espiral" is an emotional and engaging album, filled with middle-eastern and mediterranean influences. It travels within the universe of traditional folk music with manifest originality, it's rhythmically evolved, bursting with energy and compositions where the minimalist beauty of the melodies is expressed by the music's modal character."
- Rui Manuel Sousa, Artes & Contextos -

The eight songs that comprise this album reveal a deep and serious influence in the musical culture of mediterranean and middle eastern regions, but also a very original way to observe and express them musically. Being a multi-instrumentalist, his songs feature an array of ethnic instruments from different origins, carefully put together, giving life to original and powerful compositions with compelling and rhythmical arrangements.

"Espiral" was produced with the participation of:

Nuno Silva - Persian Santur, Ud, Lavta, Cümbüs, Baglama, Hammered Dulcimer, Acoustic Bass, Tar
Ricardo de Noronha - Cajon, Djambé, Bendir, Tar, Tambourine, Shackers
José Correia - Duduk
David Lacerda - Riq

All Songs composed and arranged by Nuno Silva except Suznak Saz Semai by Kemani Tatyos Ekserciyan and Ranolan Masun, a traditional song from Uzbekistan.

Recorded in July - Oct 2016 at Domvs Musicvs Studios.
Mixed in Nov 2016 – Jan 2017 at Domvs Musicvs Studios and Estudio Entreparedes ( by Nuno Silva.
Mastered in Feb 2017 by Francisco Leal ( and Nuno Silva.

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Contact Details

Telephone: (+351) 939 949 593

Rua de Cedofeita 170, Loja 11,
4050-173 Porto,

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