Addūcantur - "Mosaico" CD 2016

"Music that speaks from within, with a profound portuguese message"

It was in March 2016 that Addūcantur finally released their debut album entitled “Mosaico”, a challenge that lasted for nearly two years. The band had some very frustrating difficulties along the way, energy draining difficulties, but we saw it through. It was frustrating because the band handled itself very professionally, seriously committed to doing a good job with the recording, but encountered all sorts of unprofessional people along the way...

Anyway, “Mosaico” contains 8 tracks that show Addūcantur’s wide range of influences and instrumental approaches. It shows a unique brand of "world" music, devised by carefully selecting different timbres through the use of traditional instruments from different musical cultures, by incorporating contemporary harmony elements and by each musician’s expressiveness and creativity. Thus it evolves into an interesting fusion between modern western music and traditional music from several mediterranean cultures, unified by a profoundly portuguese message.

José Correia: Classic Guitar, Duduk
Eloísa d´Ascensão: Vocals, Lyrics
Nuno Silva: Persian Santur, Baglama, Oud
Luiza Bragança: Piano
Sérgio Henrique: Space Drum, Tar, Riq, Udu, Percussion

Original compositions from José Correia and Nuno Silva.
Recorded at Estúdios Musibéria by Hugo Bentes and André Espada, July – 2014
Mixed and mastered by Francisco Leal, October 2015 – March 2016

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