Addūcantur was born in 2012, from the ashes of Elementos, our former spoken-word project. In was born from the natural realization that poetry no longer had a part on the sound of the project, and that we wished to continue our evolution as a band with a melodic singer.

After a time interval for rearranging and composing new material, the band performed live during 2012 in different cultural spaces and events such as Hard Club in Oporto, the Festival do Caldo de Quintandona in Lagares and the Festival de Músicas do Mundo Etnias/Ollin Kan in Oporto.

In March 2013 Addūcantur release their first self-produced 4-track E.P. entitled “Semente”, where the new musical orientation of the band is clearly represented.

Fast-forwarding three years, in March 2016, Addūcantur finally release their debut album entitled “Mosaico”. “Mosaico” contains 8 tracks that show Addūcantur’s wide range of influences and instrumental approaches.

With aesthetics close to nowadays world music genre, Adducantur’s music is devised by carefully selecting different timbres through the use of traditional instruments from different musical cultures, by incorporating contemporary harmony elements and by each musician’s expressiveness and creativity. It evolves into an interesting fusion between modern eastern music and traditional music from several mediterranean cultures, unified by a profoundly portuguese message.

The project lives to the day, even if in a slumber due to geographical/economic constraints.
You can check out our website for more details and tune in on our facebook page for first hand news!

Adducantur are:

Eloísa d' Ascensão - Voz, Letras
José Correia - Guitarra Clássica, Duduk
Luíza Bragança - Piano, Sintetizador
Nuno Silva - Santur, Oud, Baglama
Sérgio Henrique - Tar, Udu, Riq

Contact Details

Telephone: (+351) 939 949 593

Rua de Cedofeita 170, Loja 11,
4050-173 Porto,

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