Relevant live collaborations with diverse artists I had the pleasure to work with over the years.


ALPAD stands for Portuguese-Persian Association. Its activities focus on tightening the relationship between Portugal and Iran by organizing diverse cultural activities.

Since I'm one of the very few musicians in Portugal that have a deep interest for persian classical music, a collaboration was very much in order!

So in early 2017 I had the pleasure to play, both accompanying poetry and solo, performing pieces from famous composers on the persian santur, in a poetry and music evening organized by ALPAD. I hope I'll have video footage to show soon!

If you wish to follow ALPAD's activities you can follow them on facebook.



Zaydun Ensemble

In september 2016 I headed out to Badajoz, Spain, and together with Lorenzo Lopez Lumeras on percussion and Vicente Rodriguez Martín singing and reciting poetry, we formed Zaydun Ensemble.

Our participation in the event Almossassa 2016 consisted on some classic arabic and otoman pieces, along with Vicentes' recitations over the theme of Ibn Zaydun and Wallada Al-Andalusian romances!

I've always been interested in the fusion between poetry and music so it was a wonderful experience!


Ormuz was a delightful and very experimental collaboration between two duos, our Zambra Del Moro and Abrazuver, and early music duo formed by Melodie Michel and Sofia Nereida. After quite a bit of brainstorming on what could be done together, our collaboration happened in the form of a live concert in Porto, at Igreja das Taipas, in June 2016.

And it was great in many aspects! Besides the magical acoustic of the church, we chose a very diverse program, that encompassed original music, traditional pieces from the middle east and Africa, improvisations, classical and early music, you name it! Of course it had a very experimental character to it, due to the instruments we played, and certain compromises had to be made in so that the arrangements would work, but I think we did a good job!

Here's "Parfum de Gitane" in this format, a song by Anouar Brahem.


aCordaPele is a duo from Porto, consisting of Pedro Viana on several string instruments and Sérgio Henrique on percussion. I've always been a fan of Pedros' compositions so when they invited me for one of their live shows I tried to make some interesting arrangements for the songs I played with them.

This went along in October 2012 at Festival Manobras no Porto and the name of the song is "Escadas das Mentiras". The arrangement I composed for this song has the particularity of being one of the very few times I configured my persian santur to play with key modulations, to fit the song well. And I think it worked very well, check it out for yourselves!

Video quality isn't any good but the audio is worth it!

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