Past Projects

By chronological order, these are some of the most relevant projects I joined over the years.



Dorahoag started out as the solo project of Ruben Monteiro, focusing on exploring ethnic string instruments in a personal and original way. I joined the project in late 2014 and stayed with them for 2 years, mainly to strengthen the ethnic component of the project with my very own string instruments, mainly the persian santur and turkish baglama.

The band's very distinct sound can be heard in their debut CD "Silk Road", in which I played persian santur on 5 tracks. The folk and rock influences are very noticeable and give their music a rather youthful appeal!

After touring a bit in Portugal, I guess the highlight of my time in the project was having the oportunity to play live with Efren Lopez and Miriam Encinas Laffitte. After meeting Efren Lopez in his workshops, it was great to have the oportunity to play some of his rather complex and very beautiful compositions in a nice venue such as the Torres Vedras Auditorium.

The band continues to the present day with a different line-up.

Intia Mundon Trio

Intia Mundon is the brain child of Ferrer Leandro. The project, existing for many years now, consists of original music with diverse influences such as fado, flamenco, gypsy jazz, among others.

My time in the project, in 2012-2013, was very interesting since my mission was to adapt the sound and technique of the oud to these diverse musical styles! Not an easy task, since the oud is, in my honest opinion, a rather difficult and not that flexible instrument. Consequently, a lot of care had to go into composing the arrangements for the songs.

Together with António Dias, the project played live in the local clubs, but failed to reach a wider audience. It continues to the present day with a different line-up.

It was however a fruitful participation, as my work with Ferrer Leandro continues in a different direction.



Elementos is the first incarnation of Adducantur, a musical project that lives to the present day. In its beginnings, the project's sound was quite different. It was a spoken-word project, with a very expressive and full instrumental background.

It all started with José Correia's poetry and some musical experiences with did together, as a duo. Inspired by the quick and interesting results, we ventured into a full line-up that could perform live and play some gigs in Porto, the most important of them in Casa da Música, in 2010.

As the project matured its sound, it became more than apparent that spoken poetry could not coexist with the expanding instrumental part of the arrangements. After some changes in the line-up, the project changed its name to Adducantur, and pursued a different style.


Mandragora was a folk music project I joined in its early days around 2000-2003 and later on rejoined for a couple more years, around 2009-2010 give or take. It was a good time for the world music scene then, a time of growth and freshness!

I played mainly percussion and 12 string acoustic guitar and later greek bouzouki and hammered dulcimer.

The band's rather undefined and progressive genre of world music had a very appealing side to it, and it was very gratifying both to record and play live since the band had a very thick musical chemistry. From the numerous live performances I have a particular good memory of participating in the 2002 edition of Eurofolk in Parthenay, France, as I remember it was the first time I heard instruments as the kanun, the bouzouki or even an arabic style violin player!

Around 2010 I left the project to pursue a more specific musical path.


Serpent Lore

Serpent Lore was formed in 1994 by me and some friends of mine. As the passionate music listener I've always been, dark heavy music was my first source of inspiration! I really enjoyed discovering all the underground metal styles from the 80's and 90's, they were a huge influence for me back then and a source of motivation to come up with my own brand of dark heavy music!

Serpent Lore performed on some enthusiastic underground gigs and recorded a four song demo tape back in 1998. After recording the demo we were reduced to a quartet and, being left with the task of composition solely to myself, I started to develop my technique and musicality, consequence of the long hours spent at Paulo Barros' studio in Valadares practicing and also of incorporating other influences into Serpent Lore's sound, which came from broadening my musical taste to other styles such as prog rock, classic and world music. I also started to learn piano and music theory then, so the last compositions of Serpent Lore were quite complex for me then and very interesting to play!

Unfortunately I guess there wasn't a necessary professional attitude towards music then, and the only attempt we made to record what would be an E.P. containing the new songs didn't work out... This, along with everyone following their different paths, contributed to the band's dispersion and recording that stuff just didn't happen! And this is a mistake I've learned from, to never leave music you are proud of unrecorded! First record it, and then move on! :)

Anyway, these were great years, great experiences, and I honestly believe that heavy music is a great school for exploring your creativity. I think it teaches you to search in the music you hear and play for emotions that no other music style does.

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