Saltério (portuguese for psaltery) is the name for my solo live project. The goal is to promote this glorious family of instruments through their classic repertoire and my original compositions.

The name may seem a bit narrow and excessively down to earth but this is the way the project should remain, at least for the time being! This helps me focus on a particular goal without wondering for to long in the vast sea of possibilities!

Being a recent project, it started with a particular instrument, the hammered dulcimer, exploring it's capabilities and limitations, trying to play different musical genres, using different techniques, etc. For the future the same will be done for the persian santur, and for other family-related instruments I'm planning to acquire.

Live shows may vary a lot between them, according to the event/venue in which they occur. From the simple one man/one instrument concert, showcasing different techniques and styles, to incorporating many instruments, electronics, etc.

For a more comprehensive view of the project check out it's website (portuguese only I'm afraid!)

Contact Details

Telephone: (+351) 939 949 593

Rua de Cedofeita 170, Loja 11,
4050-173 Porto,

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